Java 9 release back on track, community votes ‘yes’

07/02/17 0

Red Hat abstains but doesn't spoil the party.

Stack Clash flaws blow local root holes in loads of top Linux programs

06/20/17 0

We knew about this in 2005. And 2010. And people are still building without -fstack-check.

How Linux Figures Reacted to Ubuntu’s Unity Bombshell

04/11/17 0

In this post we roundup the reactions that some prominent free software stalwarts

Tracking the explosive growth of open-source software

04/07/17 0

It is the Battery Open-Source Software Index (BOSS Index)

Highlights from FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit 2017

04/05/17 0

The FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit 2017 was a two-day engagement that was attended by more than 3000 OSS developers and practitioners

why we failed

01/18/17 0

2016 – the year 3D XPoint came down to earth from Planet Hype

01/05/17 0

Storage Review in 2016 Storage in 2016 saw its on-premises SAN/filer array heartland assaulted by the public cloud on the one hand and software-defined storage on the other.

Startup grind is over: Now Primary Data must compete with storage giants

12/19/16 0

Might sound crazy but it ain't no lie... they need 'em to buy buy buy.

A Tight Ship: How Containers and SDS Optimize the Enterprise

11/15/16 0

Red Hat offers a container stack and container-native storage.

Build Strong Real-Time Streaming Apps with Apache Calcite

11/04/16 0

Learn about developing applications using Apache Calcite's advanced query planning capabilities.

Google Sprints Ahead in AI Building Blocks, Leaving Rivals Wary

07/21/16 0

There’s a high-stakes race under way in Silicon Valley to develop software that makes it easy to weave artificial intelligence technology into almost everything.

Has open source become the default business model for enterprise software?

07/19/16 0

Open-source software is one of those overnight successes that's been a decade and more in the making.

MapR, Microsoft make announcements at Hadoop and Red Hat summits

06/28/16 0

MapR is making cluster management and upgrades easier. Microsoft will be showing its enterprise database on Red Hat's Enterprise Linux.


AWS re:Invent

Nov 28, 2022 Las Vegas, NV

Join us again this year in Las Vegas for our biggest, most comprehensive, and most vibrant event in cloud computing.

AI & Big Data Expo 2022

Oct 05, 2022 Santa Clara, CA

This technology event is for the ambitious enterprise technology professional, seeking to explore the latest innovations, implementations and strategies to drive businesses forward.

Current 2022: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit

Oct 04, 2022 Austin, TX

Join the first-ever data streaming industry event at Current 2022: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in all things real-time data with peers.

O’Reilly Open Source Convention

May 16, 2016 Austin

OSCON covers FLOSS in its entirety. Not just one language, tool, or philosophy, but all the moving parts integrated and working together.

99U 2016

May 05, 2016 New York

The goal of the 99U Conference is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. Providing road-tested insights

Consensus 2016: Making Blockchain Real

May 02, 2016 New York

Consensus 2016 will define what is “real” in blockchain technology and focus on how to mainstream real-world applications for consumers.