Esports matches are easier to follow with Major League Gaming’s EVE tech

10/24/16 0

The main goal for EVE is to provide a richer esports-specific viewing experience for fans.

DBMS 2 : Rapid analytics

10/21/16 0

Is rapid analytics a legitimate area for technology advancement and growth

Think Managing Big Data Is Much Too Complex? Just Wait

10/20/16 0

The most common theme is that big data today is about much more than just Hadoop.

This app wants to be the SoundCloud of podcasting

10/20/16 0

The iOS app lets anyone record a podcast using only the app.


10/19/16 0

Time devoted to data wrangling and DevOps is a dead loss; it reduces the amount of time data scientists can spend delivering real value to clients.

7 Tips to Debug Apache Spark Code Faster with Databricks

10/18/16 0

These tips can help you to expose any corner cases with your code.

Apache Kafka for Item Setup

10/16/16 0

The shift to Kafka enabled fast processing but has also introduced new challenges.

The Final Frontier of the Internet of Things: Machine to Machine Action

10/12/16 0

The full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is realized with the sort of machine to machine responses.

Many Firms Struggle to Access Data Quickly and Efficiently

10/11/16 0

Why do many firms find it difficult to access data from different parts of the organization in a quick and efficient manner.

Using AWS Lambda with Databricks for ETL Automation and ML Model Serving

10/11/16 0

Learn how to leverage AWS Lambda and Databricks together to tackle two use cases.

Cloudera tells bright Sparks: Go teach yourselves Hadoop

10/10/16 0

Online DIY courses gotta be less tedious than teaching GCHQ's finest.

Microsoft and the ubiquity of data intelligence

10/08/16 0

Microsoft's got so much going on with data and analytics.

Shortages of Data Pros, Reliable Applications Still Haunt Many Organizations

10/07/16 0

The shortage of skilled data professionals continues to get plenty of press.

Data Lakes Hold Great Promise, But Huge Challenges for Many Firms

10/07/16 0

"Our aim is to be an agnostic layer that is the foundation for any big data sources and applications to integrate."

Strata HadoopWorld Fall 2016 postmortem: Maybe AI’s the future, but can we make the data science work?

10/05/16 0

Just because you have a Hadoop cluster doesn't mean that your ML models are going to run.

Stream Processing with Kafka Streams

10/05/16 0

This post intends to demonstrate how easy can be to build a stream processing application with Kafka Streams.

Databricks Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

10/04/16 0

Databricks has been partnering with enterprises and government agencies to securely process mission-critical workloads with Spark.

Databricks Bi-Weekly Apache Spark Digest – 10/3/16

10/04/16 0

See what’s happened with Apache Spark in the last couple of weeks

Voice from CERN: Apache Spark 2.0 Performance Improvements Investigated With Flame Graphs

10/03/16 0

Luca Canali of CERN investigates performance improvements in Apache Spark 2.0 from whole-stage code generation using flame graphs.

Getting Going With Hadoop and Spark, the ClusterGX Option

09/29/16 0

The marketing message was all about huge scalability and the potential for big data.

SAP allots $2 billion for IoT investments, buys software firm Plat.One

09/28/16 0

The funds will support SAP's creation of IoT development labs around the world and the launch of a new product line.

How to Evaluate a Cloud-based Apache Spark Platform

09/28/16 0

A Buyer’s Guide from ESG Global

Apache Spark Survey 2016 Results Now Available

09/27/16 0

The results show that the Spark community is still growing fast.

Cloud Machine Learning Platforms vs. Apache Spark Solutions

09/23/16 0

For machine learning - they say their cloud products will free data scientists and developers from implementation details so they can focus on business logic.

Teradata (re)embarks on a solutions journey

09/23/16 0

The journey will be a balancing act for avoiding conflict with the analytics software partners that have been pillars of its ecosystem.

Infobright and Data Lake Survival

09/22/16 0

It is a transcript of a conversation between Dr. Robin Bloor and Rick Glick.

What is hardcore data science—in practice?

09/22/16 0

Data science has early roots in scientists efforts to understand human intelligence and create artificial intelligence.

Data architectures for streaming applications

09/22/16 0

The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Dean Wampler on streaming data applications and cloud computing.

How to Achieve Reliable Customer Data

09/21/16 0

Reliable customer data is crucial for the success of any business.

Apache Spark Earns Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards for Machine Learning, Real-time Analytics, and More

09/19/16 0

The Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards recognized the sweeping changes Apache Spark is bringing to the Big Data landscape with four awards.


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