Modern BI With SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0

05/01/17 0

Lumira was introduced to help extend the power of traditional business intelligence with new “modern BI” capabilities

Introducing Uno and Muchos

04/21/17 0

Uno and Muchos are tools that ease the burden on developers of installing Accumulo and its dependencies

Using a Data Lake to Improve Data Storage, Integration, and Accessibility

04/19/17 0

Rapid data growth is forcing organizations across every industry to rethink many aspects of their data management strategies

MSc Statistics for Smart Data @ENSAI: Become a skilled Data Scientist

04/10/17 0

Strong points of the program Explores a unique field where Statistics Applied Mathematics and Computer Science converge

Webinar FAQs for Hadoop & Spark: Understanding Open Source Opportunities and Risks

04/16/17 0

We summarized and answered questions received during our April Hadoop webinar.

Kyvos Insights Expands Cloud-Based Capabilities with Support for Google Cloud

04/12/17 0

Kyvos’ support for leading cloud platforms now encompasses Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

Tracking the explosive growth of open-source software

04/07/17 0

It is the Battery Open-Source Software Index (BOSS Index)

The Market for Hadoop Products and Services Is Becoming Less Hadoop-y

04/06/17 0

The market watcher's new Market Guide for Hadoop Distributions assesses a Hadoop market

Highlights from FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit 2017

04/05/17 0

The FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit 2017 was a two-day engagement that was attended by more than 3000 OSS developers and practitioners

DBMS 2 : DataBase Management System Services

03/19/17 0

The Cloudera Analyst Summit offered more insights about the company's future

Take Reports From Concept to Production with PySpark and Databricks

04/03/17 0

MediaMath is a demand-side media buying and data management platform

3 Major Decisions When Choosing Your Data Platform

03/31/17 0

Today there are new consequences of the database platform decision

Hadoop Tracker

03/16/17 0

Switching careers from Java to Big data Hadoop

03/17/17 0

A surge in interest in “Big Data” is prompting many Development Team Managers to consider Hadoop technology as it’s increasingly becoming a significant component of Big Data applications

Hadoop Commercial Support Component Tracker – March 2017

03/16/17 0

Stack expansion has ground to a halt.

Security Performance Implications

03/06/17 0

The purpose of this two part series was to measure the performance impact of various security configurations on a cluster running Apache Accumulo’s continuous ingest suite

The Growing Need for SQL for Hadoop

03/06/17 0

SQL is one of many challenges that data warehouse professionals face as they adopt Hadoop.

Kafka Connect Elasticsearch: Consuming and Indexing with Kafka Connect

03/06/17 0

You could implement your own solution on top of Kafka API – a consumer that will do whatever you code it to do.

Cloudera Said to Choose Banks for IPO as Soon as This Year

02/28/17 0

Cloudera notified a number of firms this month that they’d been picked to lead the IPO

Voice from Facebook: Using Apache Spark for Large-Scale Language Model Training

02/28/17 0

Processing large-scale data is at the heart of what the data infrastructure group does at Facebook

How Apache Spark on Databricks is Taming the Wild West of Wi-Fi

02/27/17 0

Wi-Fi is also more fragile than most people think

Capitalizing on Big Data with Data Science

02/24/17 0

“Big data” implies this new generation of distributed computing frameworks


AWS re:Invent

Nov 28, 2022 Las Vegas, NV

Join us again this year in Las Vegas for our biggest, most comprehensive, and most vibrant event in cloud computing.

AI & Big Data Expo 2022

Oct 05, 2022 Santa Clara, CA

This technology event is for the ambitious enterprise technology professional, seeking to explore the latest innovations, implementations and strategies to drive businesses forward.

Current 2022: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit

Oct 04, 2022 Austin, TX

Join the first-ever data streaming industry event at Current 2022: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in all things real-time data with peers.

O’Reilly Open Source Convention

May 16, 2016 Austin

OSCON covers FLOSS in its entirety. Not just one language, tool, or philosophy, but all the moving parts integrated and working together.

99U 2016

May 05, 2016 New York

The goal of the 99U Conference is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. Providing road-tested insights

Consensus 2016: Making Blockchain Real

May 02, 2016 New York

Consensus 2016 will define what is “real” in blockchain technology and focus on how to mainstream real-world applications for consumers.