The Best Machine Learning Tools? Here Are 7 Everyone Should Look At

02/21/17 0

The hottest tech sector in data these days!

Build a super fast deep learning machine for under $1,000

02/01/17 0

The age of super-machines has arrived!

Styles of Deep Learning: What You Need to Know — Upside

02/23/17 0

The market for deep learning solutions continues to expand.

7 familiar myths regarding Big Data analytics

02/15/17 0

Let’s have a look on the common myths about Big Data

3D Data Visualisation using Datascape 2.0

02/18/17 0

How we use Datascape to get data into a 3D environment

Google releases TensorFlow 1.0 with new machine learning tools

02/15/17 0

Google announced the release of version 1.0 of its TensorFlow open source framework for deep learning

Apache Kafka: The Cornerstone of an Internet-of-Things Data Platform

02/15/17 0

If you are a developer considering IoT as a career option it is time for you to start investing in Apache Kafka

An HDFS Tutorial for Data Analysts Stuck With Relational Databases

02/13/17 0

What are the benefits that HDFS has over relational databases?

Spark Summit East 2017: Another Record-Setting Spark Summit

02/09/17 0

We’ve put together a short recap of the keynotes and highlights from Databricks’ speakers for Apache Spark enthusiasts who could not attend the summit

Microsoft adds patent suit protections for cloud customers

02/09/17 0

The patent protection can provide an edge for Microsoft as the company competes with Amazon and Google in the cloud

Hadoop Fundamentals and Key Technologies in the Evolving Hadoop Ecosystem

02/03/17 0

Reliance on open standards such as NFS and POSIX is the best way to leverage data integration into a big data platform

How to Solve IoT’s Big Data Challenge with Machine Learning

02/02/17 0

Machine learning may also help us with a challenge from one of last year’s most buzzed about technology developments: the Internet of Things.

Three Paths to Value in Data Science

02/02/17 0

The open source model is a collaborative development model where code is freely available

Use a Hadoop-based Data Lake to Empower New Best Practices for Business Analytics

02/02/17 0

The end goal for savvy managers is to gain business value and drive organizational effectiveness from the data

Once More into the Data Lake

01/31/17 0

Detailed and usable architectural definitions of a data lake are somewhat rare on the Web.

Integrating Your Central Hive Metastore with Apache Spark on Databricks

01/30/17 0

The Databricks platform provides a fully managed Hive Metastore that allows users to share a data catalog across multiple Spark clusters

Big Results From Big Data Still Elude Most Organizations

01/23/17 0

Just building a cluster is never enough - you need a business case that is well defined

Keeping Data Scientists Happy: The Rise of the Cloud Data Lab

01/27/17 0

Within the datasets available to organizations lie answers to some of the most pertinent questions and ways to drive and validate important decisions.

Are Hadoop’s Best Days Behind It — Or Still Ahead?

01/26/17 0

Data Warehouse Modernization shows that 17 percent of data warehouse programs surveyed already have Hadoop in production in their data warehouse environment.

Big Results From Big Data Still Elude Most Organizations

01/23/17 0

respondents generally believe that big data will provide their company with a competitive advantage.


01/20/17 0

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables us to measure processes and react more quickly to ever-evolving conditions

Q&A: Transform Company Culture by Transforming How Workers Approach Data

01/19/17 0

Frank Bien is the CEO of BI and analytics company Looker and the coauthor (with Tomasz Tunguz) of a new book

Power BI Gets an Analytics Infusion

01/17/17 0

upport for clustering brings powerful new analytics capabilities to Power BI


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